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The most effective online program that will empower you to transform your life through simple, effective, and cutting-edge fitness and nutrition strategies.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss is different from all the other programs and “diets” you’ve tried in the past. You’ll learn exactly how to dial in your nutrition through intermittent fasting, carb cycling and tracking your macros. We’ll pair that with effective exercises that work in harmony with the nutrition strategies to result in maximum fat loss and increased lean muscle mass, which means you’ll lose weight and inches as you get stronger. You’ll participate in a supportive online community where you can ask questions, learn from others, and check in with your daily progress.

To get started with the FASTer Way you will:

  1. Learn how to implement the science-backed nutrition strategies that we’ll use throughout the program—Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling and Tracking Macros.

  2. Access the FASTer Way app with the daily workouts. We will use a Facebook group for our daily communication.

  3. Access the FASTer Way sample meal plan. A simple, easy-to-follow meal plan to set our members up for long term success.

  4. Spend 6 weeks following the program and training your body how to burn fat using the FASTer Way strategies.



Teach your body to burn fat instead of carbs



Learn the most effective eating schedule



Learn how to fuel your body correctly

Thousands of clients all over the world have lost fat the FASTer Way and they report more energy, better sleep, increased confidence, balanced hormones, clearer skin, and feeling incredible overall. The returns are significant because the lifestyle is so simple to implement and sustain. Faster Way clients love the program so much that they keep living it even after the program ends.

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss will teach you how to work with your body, not against it. You’ll understand why we implement each different strategy and what it does for you on the scientific level. You’ll see and feel the results but you’ll also understand why and how you got there. Calorie restriction isn’t an effective long-term strategy for fat loss, weight loss, or overall health. The Faster Way is the best way.



Regular and Vegan meal plan options available each week, with ingredient lists, and preparation instructions to help you reach your goals FASTer.



Effective 30 minute workouts that you can join with the entire FASTer Way community. Low impact, at-home, and gym options available each day.



Accountability and support from an active and like-minded community along with one-on-one support from your certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach - me!


  • Strong, busy women with incredibly important roles to fill each day.

  • A wife, mother, business owner, community leader, church member, and world changer.

  • Women who believe that your family, friends, and community deserve to have you feeling your absolute best (P.S. You do deserve to feel your absolute best).

  • Women who detest other “weight loss programs” that leave them feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and out of control.


Does this describe you? Have you been burning the candle at both ends and want a plan that translates into a simple lifestyle, not an intense, stressful quick fix?


Are you looking for a solution that helps you feel in control again?  You're looking for a program that gives you back your energy.  You want physical results, but you want more than just a few pounds dropped...


You want to look lean, fit and toned.

You want your body to become a pro-fat burner.

You want to feel stronger, better, and more confident.

You need a solution laid out for you, with lots of support, guidance and accountability along the way.

You need a community, a coach and a program that actually works...for life, not just the next 21 days.


You need the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.  


Through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, you'll learn how to fuel your body effectively to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day.

You will teach your body to burn fat naturally.  

You will be given the tools you need to restructure and repair your metabolic system and increase your metabolism.

You will improve your hormone levels so you feel satiated.

You will learn how to work out in a smart, effective, and efficient way.


You will leave the FASTer Way to Fat Loss  feeling leaner, stronger, healthier, and more energetic than you've ever felt before. You will leave the FASTer Way to Fat Loss with the tools you need to feel that way for life!


How much is less-than-ideal health costing you?  How many doctor visits and prescriptions have you had to work into the budget?  How much are the new clothes you have to buy because you still don’t fit into your wardrobe?  How much is it worth to finally have the good health and fat loss you’ve wanted for years?  Continuing on your current course could be costing you a lot.




  • What is carb cycling?
    A carb cycling program is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake each week. Most carb cycling plans consist of high carb days and low carb days. We base our cycle on the workouts we will be doing to maximize fat burn and energy levels.
  • What is intermittent fasting?
    Intermittent fasting is not a type of diet, but an eating schedule. Your body is always in one of two states—fed or fasted. In the fed state (anytime your body is digesting food), your body’s elevated insulin levels make burning fat a challenge. However, in the fasted state (8-12 hours after your body finishes digesting), your insulin levels are lower and better able to reach into your fat stores. People rarely go into a fasted state throughout the day. In fact, the traditional theory of several small meals per day keeps us from ever reaching the fasted state. In addition, that type of eating schedule regularly spikes our insulin levels, which also hinders fat loss. So, while eating several small meals per day can lead to weight loss (calorie deficits always do), you will likely be losing both muscle and fat. When you lose calorie-burning muscle, you lower your metabolic rate and make it harder for your body to burn fat. You also might become frustrated because you never feel toned and fit, even though you are working out and eating clean.
  • What is a macro? Is there such a thing as a micro?
    A "Macronutrient" (aka macro) is a type of food (e.g. fat, protein, carbohydrate) required in large amounts in the human diet. A micro, or micronutrient, is a chemical element or substance required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development (vitamins, minerals, etc.).
  • I'm nursing/breastfeeding, can I safely participate in the FASTer Way? What modifications should I make?"
    Yes, you can still do the FASTer Way with some modifications! Throughout the program we will listen to your body, and continually keep an eye on your milk supply. However, when you eat the foods God intended for you to eat (an adequate amount of whole foods and water), you won’t see a decrease in milk supply. He’s designed our bodies intentionally, so fueling them well will not affect that. However, we will be sure to check on your caloric intake, because when you are living in too big of a calorie deficit and doing crazy, intense workouts, your milk supply can absolutely be affected. The FASTer Way is designed to fuel your body in a way that is perfectly safe for nursing moms.
  • Do I need to purchase any shakes or supplements for this program?
    No! Throughout the program we will talk about the importance of probiotics, protein, and other supplements like BCCA’s. While we are happy to share the products we use and love, none of them are required to participate. At the FASTer Way, we are huge proponents of fueling the body with real food, and this program is based on that premise. Nothing is required but hard work, commitment, and positivity.
  • I've had great success with Keto, but I've hit a plateau. Can the FASTer Way help?"
    Yes, the FASTer Way to fat loss is a great Keto transition plan to bust through plateaus.
  • Do I have to follow a strict meal plan to do this program?
    We provide a weekly meal plan for our clients. We have both a regular meal plan and vegan meal plan. This is simply a guide for our clients’ convenience and not required to follow the program.
  • I don't want to lose weight, I only want to learn how to eat healthy—is this program still good for me?"
    Absolutely! This program is about training our bodies to transition from sugar-burning to fat-burning. Weight loss is coincidental for those with a lot of weight to lose. The goal of this program is to build lean muscle, establish hormonal health and lose any excess fat.
  • I have more than 40 pounds of weight to lose, can I do this program?"
    Yes, many clients have 40+ pounds to lose and see incredible success.
  • Do I have to make separate meals for myself from what my family eats?
    You can certainly share the same meals with your spouse and children, but note that your family may have additional nutritional needs.
  • What does my investment include?
    Your investment includes access to a FASTer Way to Fat Loss round (prep week, trainings, workouts, meal plans, and daily support), as well as the option to join the VIP membership at a discounted rate of $79/month, which can be easily cancelled at any time.
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